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Proxy-Free.de is an open Internet proxy server application that can be used by everyone without registration. By using this web proxy, Internet users around the world can fetch websites and files from the Internet without exposing their real IP-address. Proxy-Free.de may be used to unblock websites and bypass Internet filtering at the national level, but also circumvent the restrictions on the local network. Also unblock YouTube videos is supported by this anonymizer as well. This online proxy server can be used with any mobile internet device such as Cell Phone, SmartPhone, Tablet. No additional add-on or software installation is necessary for using this service. Proxy-Free.de offers a high speed proxy completely free of charge and without annoying ads.

To start using this online tool, you need to enter the internet address into the form below and hit the button "Go". You will be redirected to the website blazing fast. This proxy is anonymous and does not save user data, as well as no web sites visited by this proxificator.


Feel free to use this tool as much as you need, because it will not cost you anything, and is not unlimited to everyone.